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donna lee. offers a promotion and press relations service to players in the music industry, one that embraces the challenges posed by digital marketing, a now indispensable field.
Successful communication around an event (new album, tour festival) cannot be achieved any longer through simple press relations alone. The digital marketing aspect, and the importance of social media, forces us to conceive, reflect and strategize through new prisms when dealing with the relationship between marketing and promotion. donna lee. supports your projects by optimizing their visibility, both in the media, and on social networks.


Media Relations

The credibility of an artistic project still often rests on its visibility within the media. Therefore, it is essential that you are able to inform and persuade decision-makers (editorial staff/ journalists) as to the artistic value of a particular project. donna lee. assists you in this process, be it for the promotion of a tour, an album release, or a specific event (concert, festival).
In view of the dilution of traditional media influence, donna lee. chose not to limit itself to the remit of standard press relations, which has become too simplistic. Instead, through connecting with new media (playlist and events curators, bloggers, content creators), along with creating and nurturing partnerships (for records and concerts) donna lee. handles the promotion of your project in its entirety, and in all its various forms.


Digital Marketing

Communicating directly with fans is now an essential practice. Musicians must adapt their voice, in both form and content, to digital platforms: social networks, websites, newsletters etc. donna lee. aids you in developing strategies that are tailored to the particular challenges you face, and supports you in carrying them out in a way that capitalizes on your digital presence.
Digital strategy: the development of digital strategies that are consistent with the project in question: album release, video, tour, concert …
Community management: support on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube …
Digital campaigns: from the creation of content to campaign configuration, Facebook & Instagram ads, Google ads, Twitter ads, newsletters …
Graphic design & video: the creation of visuals, websites, along with video editing and subtitling services …

They trust us.

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