Becca Stevens

New album "Wonderbloom" - 20th March 2020

In collaboration with David Crosby, Michael League, Laura Perrudin, Jacob Collier, Cory Wong & Jason Lindner


New album "Wonderbloom" - 20th March 2020

Since making her debut with the 2008 album “Tea By Sea”, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist
Becca Stevens has tested the limits of musical identity, mining everything from jazz to Irish folk to
indie-rock in her striving for complete and authentic expression. In her latest musical endeavor—the
five-track EP “WONDERBLOOM” and a soon-to-follow full-length of the same name—the North
Carolina-bred, Brooklyn-based artist again defies all expectation, this time dreaming up a
groove-heavy, dance-ready sound infused with elements of pop and funk and R&B. But despite its
brighter textures and uptempo rhythms, “WONDERBLOOM” finds Stevens achieving a profound
complexity in her lyrics, ultimately redefining what’s possible in creating music that elevates and



“For ‘Good Stuff’, The Brooklyn singer-songwriter taps into her inner Donna Summer !”

- Rolling Stone US -

“Over the last decade, Becca Stevens has worked with a lot of different artists, but her solo albums are typically a solitary affair, all written, arranged and performed by herself. Her upcoming album, Wonderbloom, is a bit different. For this album she worked with more than 40 collaborators, and the result is something that’s both deeply personal but also inviting.

- NPR -

« Becca Stevens, the outstanding song-writer who destroy musical barriers »

- France Info -

« Becca Stevens’ Regina is the most spectacular of the albums… it is a fully realized, rapturous meditation on queens in history, myth, literature and her own fertile imagination;
Regina is also Stevens’ muse and alter ego. …Stevens has produced a complex, densely layered studio album with allusive songs that are alternately dreamy and spine-tingling. »

- Downbeat Magazine -

« Becca Stevens takes a radical turn to Pop Music with Wonderbloom »

- Jazz News -



  1. Low on Love
  2. I Wish
  3. Between Me & You
  4. Good Stuff
  5. Slow Burn
  6. Charlemagne
  7. I Will Avenge You
  8. You Didn’t Know
  9. True Minds
  10. Feels Like This
  11. Never Mine
  12. Response To Critiscm
  13. Halfway
  14. Heather’s Letter To Her Mother